Happy Rizzi House


The Happy Rizzi House

The idea for the Happy Rizzi House in Braunschweig first arose in 1997 from a conversation between gallery owner Olaf Jäschke and James Rizzi.

Six months later it had become a viable plan and some notable campaigners had already come on board. The unique, five-storey building, which meets the construction criteria but also captures James Rizzi’s characteristic freedom of style and lightness of touch, is a collaboration between the architect Konrad Kloster and the artist.

The Happy Rizzi House took two years to complete. It is a bricks-and-mortar work of art, a building without storeys in the traditional sense. It was opened in Braunschweig’s historical Magni quarter in 2001 and adds a new facet to the appeal of the town.

When Braunschweig’s Schloss Arkaden shopping centre opened in 2007, the focal point of the town shifted to the Happy Rizzi House, placing it even more in the spotlight. Although regarded as a provocative work of art to begin with, the Happy Rizzi House is now seen as an exuberant transition between busy, modern business buildings and the serene historical quarter.

Inge Bosse
Kirstings creative workshop

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